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This year (2015) we took over the production of aeration and decorative rocks from AQUALUX CZ v.o.s. The rocks are made of 6 different types of natural sandstone where each piece is made of a homogeneous unit (it is by no means a conglomerate of sand).

The aeration rocks form very small bubbles, thus effectively aerating the water in fish tanks and also serving as decoration for fish tanks. They are manufactured in various sizes and are worked into various shapes depicting cliffs, mountain ridges and rock walls.

The rocks are also produced as non-aerating, and in even more unique and varied shapes. These are pieces designed to complement the interior of fish tanks, terrariums, decorations for indoor plants, etc.

For all uses, the products are harmless to health, do not affect the chemical composition of water and do not have any negative effects. Safety is best confirmed by the behaviour of aquatic and terrestrial animals that like to remain on the rocks.

There are several types of rocks from the offered range of products presented in photographs. This is handmade work, so each product is a unique original. We offer the possibility to manufacture other shapes of rocks according to customer requirements.

Instructions for use and maintenance Rozměry a hmotnosti


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