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Each product is original

We manufacture stone flower pots, flower pot covers, stone lamps (in combination with glass), illuminated flower pots, tables. In their manufacture is used only natural stone (marble, amphibolite, sandstone...), where we take advantage of its naturally created unique and irregular shapes. Thanks to this you will find individual products in many shapes, sizes and a wide range of colors - each product is unique.

These stone products - "pieces" of nature, enhances the natural ambience of the home. They are very suitable both to the interior of a house or apartment, and to the exterior to the garden or on the terrace.
See samples of our products in the gallery or come visit us directly to our shop / factory.

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The pot cover made of stone for the use in interior or in exterior

(includes a drain hole), serves as a standard flower container and the pot with a flower/s (vertical or overhanging) is placed inside the cover. Version for interior collects water in the hole to not destroy interior. In version for exterior water flows through the hole out of the cover.

Illuminated stone covers are desinged to use in interior..., inside the cover is placed flower pot with a tray. When light is on (light is located at the bottom part under the glass) it creates dual light effects. First the glass strip is illiminated, seconldly the light is shining on the uderside of leaves of flower.

The stone-glass "lamp"...,

basically a stone-glass frame desinged both to the exterior and to the interior doesn't iclude light source in the package. Used light source depends on the "lamp" placement (we gladly advise/recommend to you proper solution). Penetration of the light through the glass creates unique light effects.

Stone fountain is made of two pieces of stone ("tank" and "leg") and are suitable for the interior and exterior as well. Currently we produce four types of "legs":

  • water flows out of the top part
  • water flows out of the top part + in the top sits cover for flower pot/s
  • water flows out of the top part + light penetrates through the glass
  • water flows out of the top part + light penetrates through the glass + in the top sits cover for flower pot/s

Stone fountains are treated with a protective coating that prevents water penetration into microcracks and protects it from cracking when freezing.


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